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magnetic Information Platform MIP

The Magnetic Information Platform is the solution for automated identification of production equipments in areas where RFID and optical codes fail. The magnetically stored ID is temperature restitant up to 400 °C and can be encapsulated in all non ferro-magnetic materials, such as stainless steel, brass, aluminium or polymers. The flexible data carrier allows its application on curved surfaces. Its minimal thickness of 0.3 mm, including the protective layer, enables its integration in thin-walled compoments.

The magnetic informations can be identically to laser engraved, human readable ones on the protecitve layer or different, to enable counterfeight protection i.e.; in nameplates.

High Temperature RFID
Magnetic ID tag with additionally laser engraved ID for human readability
High Temperature ID Tag Laser welded
Magnetic ID tag with laser welding

Our Solution

ID Tags

They can be applied to your product or production equipment to pepare them for auto-identification. Their robustness up to 400 °C is unique. The resilience in harsh environment with chemical and mechanical impact makes them the first choice for industrial use.

Reading Devices

The reading device can be used as handheld or stationary device. The reading is initiated either by pressing the buttom or by an external trigger signal to the data acqusition box DAC.

MIP Platform

Das graphische User-Interface GUI dient als Schnittstelle für die Mensch-Maschine Interaktion. Einstellungen zum Speicherort der gelsenen IDs, die in einer .csv-Datei mit Zeitstempel abgelegt werden, können hier vorgenommen werden. Weiterhin wird die gelesene ID dem Nutzer hier angezeigt.

About MIP

MIP technology is based on the magnetic data storage of hard disk drives. It was researched in SFB 653 at Leibniz Universität Hannover. It was brought to industrial maturity with the founding of MIP Technology GmbH . In total, the research time on the topic is more than 14 years. The founders worked on it for eight years. The magnetic ID tag can be read through metallic sheets. This is one of the secrets  of its robustness.

In addition to industrial applications, we are working on anti-counterfeiting IDs. By using the magnetic data as a second layer of invisible information underneath optically readable labels.

Reading a magnetic ID

Reading ID Tags

Inductive recording head for measurement standard

Inductive Write Head

AIDC read signal GUI

Graphic User Interface

Your Benefits

Data Capturing

Enabeling Industrie 4.0 potentials with the MIP ID. Get yout means of production finally track- and traceable.


With a unique customized ID product tracking and counterfeit protection, are all in one.


ID tags can be adapted for different applications e.g. for high temperature up to 400 °C; with chemical resistance using V2A.

Individual Solutions

The industrial environment is complex. We develop customized solutions, concerning ID tag housings and integration to your MES System.

Rapid Protoyping

High resolution 3D printing for rapid prototyping of mechanical parts, such as coil cores.


Design of customer specific magnetic write heads for high-precision measurement standards is part of our business.


magnetic transponder AIDC


Use MIP ID Tags to enable automated identification in harsh environment. If you need more information have a look at our data sheets.

In plane head

MIP Recording Heads

MIP Recording heads are designed to customer specifications and used to magnetize small permanent mangetic areas on measurement standards. The write field is high enough to overwrite existing mangetization and provides sharp magnetic transitions.

Secure ID counterfeight protection

MIP Secure

These pattern consist of magnetic dots with a diameter less than 100 micrometers in diameter, resulting in high data density. The use of these patterns is in plagiarism protection under optically visible markings.

Use Cases

I 4.0

Smart Factory

Modern Factories visualize and manage production tasks in software-based MES systems. Factory data acquisition is state of the art, but automated identification of production equipment is often not realized. This is due to the lack of suitable auto-ID technologies in the harsh environment.
Use MIP to close this gap!

Predictive Maintenance

predicitive maintenance

Use MIP ID solutions to predict the likelihood of future failures and determine asset failure factors that could impact plant or business operations.


DMC as magnetic structure

Integrate MIP Secure ID in your product as an additional security feature. With MIP reading devices and MIP Secure IDs in your products plagiarism problems belong to the past.





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