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What is

The Magnetic Information Platform (MIP) is an innovative magnetic storage technology for ID carriers and security IDs to fight counterfeit products in industrial enviroment.



Our Solution

MIP System

Use a MIP System to identify your products or components and collect and analyse data to increase your business and processes efficiency.

Storage Medium

The MIP storage medium is nearly universally employable due to its readability through metals, its readability in soiled environment and its small size (20µm layer thickness).


Our system interacts with
your existing IoT Platform or ERP Software. You don´t have any yet? We
provide common IoT-Solutions to make your company smarter.

Why does it work?

The MIP technology is based on hard disk drive technology. It was researched in SFB 653, subproject L3, for more than 12 years explicit for industrial use. The Magnetic Information Platform consists of a storage medium as data or ID carrier, a magnetic write head and a magnetic read head. The write- and read head are physically completely different. Customers provided with a read head are unable to edit or write data. The fusion of conventional magnetic recording techniques merged with the approach of thermal assisted magnetic recording makes this system unique. This enables us to develop customized bit geometries and increase the level of security.

read head

write head

storage medium

Your Benefits


Our technology is based on magnetism. Data are readable through non-ferromagnetic materials. Soiled and oily environments don’t affect the reading.


With the unique Customized ID product tracking and counterfeit protection reach the next level.

Universally Applicable

Applications for the storage medium range from small devices like watches to larges ones like a tooling machine. Ask us and we find an ID solution for your case.

Individual Solutions

The industrial environment is complex. We develop a customized solution for you.


We employ 3d printing for prototyping. Mechanical parts to proof the principle of the MIP in your application are realised quickly.

Free Trial

Let us start with a free pilot. Contact us and we will make your production smarter.


Your universal ID

You are still looking for satisfying ID solution? MIP ID should be your choice in applications with limited space, in soiled or metallic environment or with a higher need of data safety. The MIP storage medium is 20 μm thin and can be integrated into almost any product. The data can even be read through non-ferromagnetic materials.
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MIP Secure

Protection against Plagiarism

The Customize ID with its customized bit geometry can only be written with a customer specific MIP System. The MIP ID carrier can be hiddenly integrated in primary, secondary packaging or directly in your product. With our reading devices you can quickly and easily check whether it is an original product or not.
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Use Cases

Smart Factory

With automation borders will be overcome between machine controls, the IT world and the Internet of Things. Use MIP ID and IoT solutions to optimize and increase efficency of your production.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance on the Metal Gears on Black Background.

Use MIP ID solutions to predict the likelihood of future failures and determine asset failure factors that could impact plant or business operations.


Integrate MIP Secure ID in your product as an additional security feature. With MIP sensors in your device and MIP Secure ID in your spare parts ensure that only OEM parts can be used.

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